Various Voices 2022 - Call for bids

Various Voices is the European Gay and Lesbian Choral Festival and this is a call for bids for choruses to host our 15th Festival in 2022.

Our 12th Festival, held in London 2009, attracted 60 choirs and 2,000 singers from 14 countries in what was a spectacular and extra-ordinary four-day event. The 13th Various Voices festival, held in Dublin from 13.-16. June 2014, hosted by Gloria, Dublin's Lesbian and Gay choir, registered almost 80 choruses from Europe and around the world.

The upcoming 14th festival will be held in Munich on 9-13 May 2018 and is hosted by the four local choirs Philhomoniker, Melodiva, Regenbogenchor and Lilamunde.This and the previous events were and are a fantastic testament to the continuing popularity of gay choral festivals.

Legato was founded in 1997 to facilitate communication and dialogue between gay choirs in Europe and to promote co-operation and support between choirs. Legato’s main responsibility, however, is to ensure that a choral festival takes place every four years. We do this by encouraging choirs from different cities to bid to bring the festival to their city, selecting the best bid and supporting the local choir in any way possible to host a successful festival.

The Legato Board hereby invites all European member choirs and ensembles to apply to be the host of the 15th Various Voices Festival in 2022.

Please find the detailed "Call for bids" here.

Timeline of the application

  • If your choir is interested to be the host send us your expression of interest by 28th February 2017.
  • Applicants will submit their final bid by 30th November 2017.
  • The Legato Board sends the final bid applications in electronic form to the Legato member choirs on 1st February 2018 for choir-internal dicussion and descision. Bids will also be available on the Legato website.
  • During the Various Voices Festival at the Legato Meeting 2018 in Munich will be the final vote made by the Legato member choirs.