Cantatori del Duomo


Utrecht The Netherlands

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Other information

type: men
members: 20
founded: 1990
joined Legato: 1998

In the beginning... Cantatori del Duomo ('Cathedral Singers') is the name of this men's choir from the beautiful city of Utrecht, the fourth biggest city and geographical centre of the Netherlands. Ever since its founding in 1990, this gay amateur choir proudly and passionately sings about all the beautiful and sometimes difficult sides of life. Cantatori del Duomo presents a colourful repertoire of pop, musical, cabaret and (Dutch) folk songs. All songs are especially arranged for this four-voiced choir, and are dressed with subtle choreography and sometimes surprising changes. "To touch and to amuse" is Cantatori's leitmotiv. With a little pink flavour, of course but always straight from the heart.

Our musical director is Loes Egbers, who conducts the choir with a firm hand but with a velvet smile. Our pianist Thanos Fotiadis, is apart from being a great musician, the only Greek national who understands our Dutch puns in certain songs and although more orchestrators are responsible the songs we bring to you in London are mostly arranged by our house orchestrator Harry Koch, who has in his own Kochian way caused a musical footprint to our choir. Panda van Proosdij taught us some subtle moves. We hope to amuse you and to touch you with our performance on stage.